It's so great to meet you!



Our mission is simple; its all about the community and the people that live in it. We want to show them that we see them, and we care.

Our on-going campaigns are easy; we want to continue to be a beacon of light and a haven of laughter in the community. We want to provide people of all ages the opportunity to come, sit, enjoy easy listening music, while surrounded by children playing and people conversing; and lastly, providing goods and services such as small appliances, laundry vouchers, cleaning supplies, home health services and much more.


We want to be known as “The Center” because we care, and we have a strong desire to make a difference that keeps on making a difference one person or family at a time.

“Inspiring Souls.”                        


Help us make a difference! In order to serve everyone proficiently; volunteers, and staffing will be available as needed.






the People